Wild Mushroom Foray & Identification

Columbia/Greene Cornell Cooperative Extension - Acra, NY
10:00am- 1:00pm
Agroforestry Resource Center

Fungus enthusiasts unite!

See what kinds of species you can find and identify in the Suislaw Model Forest. In memory of the late, great Boy Beyfuss we will learn about fungi on land that he spent many years foraging.  Looking for mushrooms is a fun scavenger hunt of exploration as we find different colors, textures, and shapes in the fungal world. We will also explore how fungi interconnect our forests and explore the earth beneath our feet as well as edible and medicinal mushrooms. Once we have collected mushrooms in baskets, we will bring them back to lay out on a table where we will spend time learning how to identify common species. You're welcome to stick around after the walk and be part of community science efforts. We will upload our high quality photos onto INaturalist to contribute to the Fungal Diversity Survey which helps to understand and conserving fungi throughout North America. 

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