Befriending Fungi: A Pocket Guide

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This fun, approachable pocket guide was created to answer the most common questions about wild mushrooms: how fungi grow, their vital role in the environment, and their awe-inspiring shapes, colors, textures, and smells. Bring this waterproof pocket guide into the forest and get inspired to engage with your mushroom friends.

"What a beginner needs BEFORE a field guide." - Britt A. Bunyard, Editor of Fungi Magazine

"The PERFECT beginner's guide. Easy, Accurate, and Accessible." -Eugenia Bone, Author of Mycophilia

After 8 years of leading mushroom walks, John was compelled to write a guide that answers the most common questions and essential knowledge necessary to forage fungi in the forest. He teamed up with Renee Baumann, a local illustrator, chef, and fiber artist who draws inspiration from the local fungi of the Catskills to create this pocket guide. The texture of the pages was handmade in wool to evoke the interconnected structure of mycelium. 

Great for beginners of all ages, teachers/educators, and mushroom enthusiasts of all kinds.  

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