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Ganoderma tsugae / Ganoderma lucidum

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About The Extract

How is it made?

Our extraction includes 3 ingredients: Reishi Mushrooms, non-GMO organic cane alcohol, and pure Catskill mountain water. We mindfully create an alcohol tincture, a cold water infusion, and a hot water decoction which are combined. This ensures that the concentrated health components of each mushroom are of the highest quality and can be optimally absorbed by your body. We take pride in preparing our extracts from wood-grown mushrooms cultivated or sustainably foraged on and around our family farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Our mushrooms are sun-dried to accumulate vitamin D and dehydrated before they are carefully prepared in small batches. Click here for more information and FAQ About Catskill Fungi Extracts.

What is this fungi?

Reishi, ling zhi, or Hemlock Varnish primarily grows on hemlock trees in the Catskill Mountains from mid May to the end of July. In NYC it is common on hardwood trees (Ganoderma sessile) along busy streets and in parks throughout the city. Fresh fruiting bodies take up to four weeks to fully mature. We like to wait to harvest the mushroom until they have dropped spores which leave a brown dust on top of the reddish cap.

 These decomposers attach to wood with a thick stipe (fungi ‘stem’). The cap often flattens laterally and can be kidney or heart shaped and up to 18” wide or larger. Antler growths can occur from high carbon dioxide environments. The top of the cap is red/maroon which can fade to yellow and white toward the margin (outside edge) in younger specimens. Reishi is easy for beginning mushroom foragers to identify.

When coming across this mushroom in a lush green forest it is striking. Almost as if there is an ancient wisdom present. The first mention of ling zhi, which means ‘mushroom of immortality’, dates back to the first emperor of China 221-207 B.C.E. over 2200 years ago. Reishi means ‘spiritual’ or ‘divine mushroom’ in Japanese. Divine, indeed.