/ Hen of the Woods / Dancing Mushroom
Grifola frondosa

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About The Extract

How is it made?

Our extraction includes 3 ingredients: Mushrooms, non-GMO organic cane alcohol, and pure Catskill mountain water. We mindfully create an alcohol tincture, a cold water infusion, and a hot water decoction which are combined. This ensures that the concentrated health components of each mushroom are of the highest quality and can be optimally absorbed by your body. We take pride in preparing our extracts from wood-grown mushrooms sustainably foraged on and around our family farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Our mushrooms are sun-dried to accumulate vitamin D and dehydrated before they are carefully prepared in small batches. Click here for more information and FAQ About Catskill Fungi Extracts.

What is this fungi?

Hen-of-the-Woods is also known as maitake in Japan. Japanese lore tells of Buddhist nuns and woodcutters finding large amounts fruiting from the ground and dancing with joy, hence the name maitake or, "the dancing mushroom." The large clusters of 'petals' can be pale grey to grey to brown and can resemble a hen taking a dust bath at the base of a tree. The underside of each 'petal' is a spore-bearing surface made up of pores.  Maitake has two common lookalikes, neither of which is known to be poisonous.  Its petals are smaller and more brittle than the tougher petals of the Berkeley's polypore or Black-staining polypore. 

In the Catskill Mountains, maitake grows mostly under oak, but can also be found on elm, poplar, and occasionally maple trees.  This mushroom is found in autumn, especially after consistent summer rains.  If you find Maitake growing on a tree, take note of its location – in subsequent years you're likely to find it fruiting again in the same spot.  Maitake is prized for its healing properties, succulent texture, and rustic flavor, and is truly an exciting treasure to find in the forest.