Unexpected Beauty: Mushroom and Flower Show

Garden Club of America - Greenwich, CT
10:00am- 4:00pm
Greenwich Garden Club

Unexpected Beauty can be found everywhere in nature, and it is with delight and surprise that we stumble upon some unexpected examples. Did you know that every plant has a distinct sound? How do bees see? What are the nighttime pollinators and why are they important? How do plants communicate with us and the world around them? How do we use nature to communicate with each other?

John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi will be giving a presentation at 1pm that is free and open to the public. Befriending Fungi: Allies in the Forest, Gardens, and Our Health. We will go into how mushrooms communicate with plants, how they can be medicinal in the forest and in our bodies, how they can be used as alternatives to building materials, and how we can cultivate them. 

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