Friends of Fungi - Menla Fall Weekend Retreat

Fungi Walks, Indoor & Outdoor Cultivation, & Medicinal Workshops
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From the largest living organism on the planet to the creation of soil, fungi play an essential role in sustaining life on earth. They have been recycling and helping to heal the planet for millennia.  Humans are learning to pair with fungi to improve our lives with the food and medicines this extraordinary kingdom/queendom has to offer.

Come explore the interesting and ancient relationship fungi have with our world and our culture. Learn about fungi and mushrooms in history and as we currently know them. Discussions will include: biology and ecology of fungi, mushrooms as food and medicine, how fungal allies can create resilience in our agriculture and communities, gardening with mushrooms, and mushrooms to heal the planet.

Through fun, hands-on activities learn low tech methods to cultivate gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, identify and harvest wild mushrooms, and make mushroom medicines.

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