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Cordyceps militaris

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About The Extract

How is it made?

Our extraction includes 3 ingredients: Mushrooms, non-GMO organic cane alcohol, and pure Catskill mountain water. We mindfully create an alcohol tincture, a cold water infusion, and a hot water decoction which are combined. This ensures that the concentrated health components of each mushroom are of the highest quality and can be optimally absorbed by your body. We take pride in preparing our cordyceps extracts from locally grown mushrooms sustainably cultivated within 100 miles from our family farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Our mushrooms are sun-dried to accumulate vitamin D and dehydrated before they are carefully prepared in small batches. Click here for more information and FAQ About Catskill Fungi Extracts.

What is this fungi?

Cordyceps or Caterpillar Fungus is an entomopathogenic fungus, meaning it
parasitizes caterpillars and other insect hosts. The fungus begins as a spore that attaches to its
host and then germinates threads of hyphae inside the insect body. Once the hyphae have fully
myceliated the insect, the fungus fruits a bright orange club-like mushroom out of its head. The
mushroom can grow 1-8 cm in length and has a dotted texture that can be better seen through a
hand lens.

A close related mushroom, Ophiocordyceps sinensis, as been harvested for hundreds of years for medicinal use in the Himalayas,
especially in the high Tibetan Plateau, where it is called Yartsa gunbu meaning “winter worm,
summer grass”. Traditionally, the mushroom was dug up from the ground due to springtime yak
grazing. Astute herdsmen tried the mushroom and shared its healing properties with others.

There are over 700 varieties of this mushroom. The main medicinal species occurs naturally and
grows in the Himalayas from ghost moth caterpillars. We use a Cordyceps species that can be
cultivated, Cordyceps militaris. Both of these species have identical chemical profiles and are shown to be clinically
undistinguishable. While Cordyceps militaris is distributed around the world, it is unlikely to find
enough of this mushroom for our extracts, so we support a few local mushroom farms (within
100 miles) by sourcing this mushroom. It’s no wonder Cordyceps is a staple of traditional
Chinese medicine, as it strengthens body, energy, and mind at a core level.