October Catskill Fungi Farm Cultivation Day

Inoculate Logs with Edible Fungi Outdoors

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1:00pm- 4:00pm
Catskill Fungi Farm

Join John Michelotti for a hands-on outdoor workshop at the Catskill Fungi Farm, where we will inoculate logs and/or other substrates with edible mushroom mycelium, the "roots" of fungi.  Learn how to inoculate, store, and take care of the logs, initiate fruiting, harvest, and cook mushrooms.  

In addition, John will introduce other mushrooms we can grow ourselves – such as wine caps on wood chips, and more.  Come prepared with your mushroom questions.  Inoculate 2 logs and take 1 home! You will gain the knowledge and resources you need to obtain spawn to create your mini mushroom farm at home.

We will have mushroom books, t-shirts, and Catskill Fungi mushroom extracts available for purchase.  Availability of spawn for purchase may be limited. 

Closed-toe shoes are required.  Please wear outdoor work clothes and bring gardening gloves if desired.

We will proceed rain or shine, unless severe storms are predicted!

Limited volunteer opportunities available.  Email John(at)CatskillFungi.com for details.

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