Mushroom Day: Medicinal Morning & Afternoon Cultivation

Brooklyn Grange Farm - BK Navy Yard NYC
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11:00am-1:30pm - Medicinal Mushrooms: For the farm, people, and planet.

3:30pm-5:30pm - Mushroom Cultivation: Mulch Beds and DIY Grow Kits

Event Description: Fungi are essential to our soils, our plants, our bodies, and our environment. In this day-long workshop we will explore the inextricable roles they play in our lives and how we can encourage fungi in our lifestyles and communities for a healthier world. In the morning we will explore the parallel of healthy soil fungi and gut fungi, easy ways to pair with fungi for our health, and ways to make medicinal mushroom extracts. Each person will take home a self-made Chaga Tincture.

In the afternoon we will look at how we can incorporate fungi into our lands through a demonstration of cultivating Wine Cap Stropharia aka Garden Giant in established beds on the rooftop. Taking a broad look at cultivation techniques before diving deep into low tech, at home methods, you will get an overview of how fungi function in their environments. Using house-hold waste products like cardboard and coffee grounds you will make your own oyster mushroom grow kit to take home.

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