Harvest Festival & Mushroom Walk

Lost Arts Film Premiere at Barns Art Center
11:00am- 6:00pm
The Barns Art Center

Photo Credits: Northguild

During the Saturday premier of Lost Arts Harvest Festival John Michelotti will be leading a mushroom walk at 1:30pm focusing on connecting to the lost art of foraging and our myceliul roots. We will bring mushrooms back to the gallery to make spore prints for participants to take home. 

In conjunction with the LOST ARTS premiere is a roster of farmer-led, daytime activities:
11:30am Sculpting with Flowers
Flower Arranging Workshop with Anne Hall, Crespell
12:30pm Looking Back – How did we get here?
A conversation with Don Lewis, Ken Greene, David Rowe, Rick Osofsky
1:30pm Spore Printing
Mushroom Walk and Printmaking Workshop with John Michelotti, Catskill Fungi
2:30pm Looking Forward – Farming for the Future – Where can we go?
A conversation with Jack Algiere, Ben and Melany Dobson, Jalal Sabur

A groundbreaking ceremony for Futurefarmers will be held from 3:00-6:00pm:
3:00 Place Stones with artist/choreographer, Elaine Buckholtz
A participatory action involving sound, movement, and the placing of three millstones.
4:00 Impressions from the Stone
A series of limited-edition prints made from rubbings of custom carved millstone by
Walter Kitundu.
Harvest Festival Market 11:00-3:00
The Festival Market will include River Valley Guild Artist and Artisan Market and a Cider
Week New York Tasting, including local food and beverage vendors such as Ronnybrook
Farm Dairy, Sloop Brewing Co., More Good, Fishkill Farms and Treasury Cider, and

LOST ARTS, an immersive film experience, pays homage to the stewards of Hudson Valley’s farmland. Following ten farmers, the three-screen docuseries unearths the value of looking to the past for the path forward toward a more sustainable, equitable, and innovative future.

Jack Algiere, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture
Ben Dobson, Hudson Hemp
Ken Greene, Hudson Valley Seed Company
Anne Hall, Crespell Growers
Don Lewis, Wild Hive Farm
John Michelotti, Catskill Fungi
Rick Osofsky, Ronnybrook Dairy Farm
David Rowe, Rowe’s Apiaries
Jalal Sabur, Sweet Freedom Farm
Karen Washington, Rise & Root Farm 
Northguild is a Kingston based production company owned and run by award-winning filmmakers who have the experience, vision, and latest technology to turn concepts and ideas into visually impactful narratives. In their work they focus on climate centric, forward-thinking, and inspirational projects that advocate protection and preservation of the planet. They produce mainly documentaries where the environment, resilient agriculture, and protecting water quality is a recurring theme.
The documentary web series Hudson River Stories, produced with Ocean’s 8, focuses on both the positive and negative effects that have taken place from the beginning of the environmental movement, to the present day. Through a series of short documentaries about Hudson Valley Farm Hub, they show the organization's mission to foster an equitable and ecologically resilient food system in the Hudson Valley that serves the needs of the communities while working in partnership with nature.