August Deep Imagination Mushroom Walk

Lead by Gabriela D'Elia - Director of FUNDIS - Pine Hill, NY

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10:00 am- 12:30 pm
Catskill Fungi Mural - Pine Hill, NY

Featuring Gabriela D'Elia

During "Deep Imagination Mushroom Walks" we spend time with the wildness of the soul-based teachings that arise from fungi. What does it mean to digest, sporulate, germinate, decompose, and translocate nutrients? Fungi invite us to question the quality of our embodiment – the quality of our “fruiting body-ness”. Fungi resonate deep in our psyches as archetypal inhabitants of dual worlds: realms seen and unseen. In these walks we take reverence in our surroundings both external and internal. A gathering, a ritual, a communion. This is not a mushroom ID walk. In Deep Imagining we connect with the potency of our soul. We dialogue with wild fungi as guides. There will be supervised and independent practices as small groups and individuals, always starting and closing with a circle of sharing. You’ll deepen your relationships with life, yourself, and each other.

Deep Imagination Mushroom Walks are led by Gabriela D’Elia, who has been intimately relating with fungi for 12 years. She is the Director for Fungal Diversity Survey, North America’s fungal conservation nonprofit, writes and teaches on topics such as conservation, ecology, and MycoAstrology, leads walks and weekend retreats with Catskill Fungi, and is inspired by the mysterious aliveness of fungi (learn more about her).

Please dress for the weather. We will walk rain or shine. This means boots or sneakers.  Optional equipment would be a water bottle, bug/tick repellent, rain coat, or snacks. You are welcome to bring pictures of mushrooms you would like identified.

No bathrooms

Porta-potty may be available at the parking area if it is unlocked. 


Inquisitive children 12 and older are welcome at this event and must purchase their own ticket.


I love them but no. Never met a dog on a walk that didn't step on the mushrooms or worse. Some people have allergies or are afraid of dogs.


If you need to cancel please notify us via email. Email us at least 48 hour before the start of the walk and we will refund you.   

See you in the woods!