Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Series - 3 Workshops in Acra

1-Log Inoculation 2-Farm Management 3-Plan, Process, & Profit- in collaboration with CCE Columbia/Greene - Acra, NY
4:30pm- 7:00pm
Cornell Cooperative Extension - Agroforestry Resource Center

This is a 3 part series to bring you through the basics of outdoor log cultivation to planning a small farm business of outdoor mushroom farming. This workshop series is created and presented by Tracey Testo, CCE Columbia Greene Agroforestry Educator and John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi.

Sign up for all 3 classes in a bundle on this webpage to receive a discount.

Each part of the 3 part series is offered twice:

Once at CCE Agroforestry Resource Center in Acra, NY on select Thursdays throughout the year. (Click here to Register at the Acra Location on the CCE Webpage.) 

Once at Catskill Fungi Camp Log Inoc in Big Indian, NY on select Sundays through the year. (Click here to register for the Big Indian Location)

Sign up for a Bundle at either location for $10 off each class. Bundle participants can easily switch between dates/locations by emailing Tracey: tet35(at)cornell.edu.

Part 1: Log Inoculation

Location: CCE Agroforestry Resource Center in Acra, NY Date: May 25 Time: 4:30pm-7pm

Learn to grow edible mushrooms on logs for at home cultivation or to start a small scale mushroom farm. This outdoor workshop will cover the life cycle, ecological functions of fungi, cultivation overview as well as outdoor cultivation of fungi. We will drill holes in logs, fill them with mushroom spawn, and seal them with wax. You will learn what types of wood are viable, sources for mushroom spawn, how to take care of your log, fruiting mushrooms, harvesting, and pest control. Inoculate 2 logs and take 1 home and grow mushrooms outdoors.

Part 2: Mushroom Farm Management

Location: CCE Agroforestry Resource Center in Acra, NY Date: July 6 Time: 4:30pm-7pm

Join us the shiitake laying yard to learn about managing shiitakes, as well as other mushrooms, as a crop. At this hands-on workshops, participants will experience soaking, fruiting and harvesting shiitakes, and will learn what is required to build your own mushroom yard. In addition, we will examine where we harvested small pole-size trees used for inoculating the shiitake mushrooms, and understand the rationale for harvesting those particular trees as part of forest improvement. Participants can be sure that they will leave this class with mushrooms to try and will gain an understanding of how to profit from this newly recognized crop.  

Part 3: Plan, Process, Profit

Location: CCE Agroforestry Resource Center in Acra, NY Date: September 28 Time: 4:30pm-7pm

Ready to step up your mushroom cultivation skills and turn that knowledge into a business? Join us to learn what it takes. During this class, participants will hear case studies from other growers who have found success and will receive shiitake business planning resources with detailed guidance on how to apply that knowledge to your farm. Many different revenue streams associated with mushroom cultivation will be discussed, with a hands-on opportunity to make your own added value product to take home. 

Note: Register for the above dates and if you need to switch dates of one part, contact Tracey: tet35(at)cornell.edu to switch to the alternative dates below.

Part1 is also offered at Catskill Fungi - Camp Log Inoc - Big Indian, NY May 21 Time: 12pm-3pm

Part1 is also offered at Catskill Fungi - Camp Log Inoc - Big Indian, NY July 9 Time: 12pm-3pm

Part1 is also offered at Catskill Fungi - Camp Log Inoc - Big Indian, NY September 24 Time: 12pm-3pm